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A Built on Rock Website Why?

This website “Dinosaurs for Dummies” is one of a series of Websites written to provide some Biblically based insight into some of the deep questions of Life, the Universe and Everything.

The question of “What about the Dinosaurs” was a question which always puzzled me as a child. At School we were taught about Evolution and about Dinosaurs becoming extinct millions of years ago.

I believed in God and in His word but dreaded being asked this question. I found myself trying to fit Evolution and long period days into my faith and beliefs but was always uncomfortable with this. However the same question can cause people to question their faith or even give up on God altogether because the Theory of Evolution and Dinosaurs dying out millions of years ago is taught as if it is all absolute fact.

Young people are especially vulnerable and can be caused great difficulty and even to question or lose their faith altogether when presented with such difficult questions. It is made much more difficult when the “Church” as such cannot provide a coherent answer which will reaffirm their faith or are simply just dismissive of the question itself.

The enemy prowls around like a roaring Lion seeking for someone to devour. There are plenty of people out there desperate to water down your faith by convincing you and your children that this doesn’t matter.

When you truly start to look for answers to questions about Dinosaurs and Evolution you realise there is so much evidence to convince you that God’s Word and Account of Creation is true and so little to truly backup either the Evolutionary Theory or that Dinosaurs lived way before man.

When you start to truly think about how ridiculous the Theory of Evolution is compared to God’s account of Creation it becomes easy to understand. Have you any idea of how incredibly complex even a single cell is and we are expected to believe it came about by some random process. A single cell is one of the most complex intelligently designed pieces of machinery that you can imagine. In the same way we are supposed to believe Dinosaurs changed into Birds and many other stranger things.

These are just a few reasons to bring some Biblical viewpoint on the subject of Dinosaurs.

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 NLT

Some Christians, Churches, Pastors, Leaders and Bible Colleges are either dismissive of the question of Dinosaurs as being unimportant or even worse try to actively agree with the evolutionary theory and seek to endorse it.