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A Built on Rock Website Key Thoughts to Consider

Why do you think These Theories are taught as absolute fact?

When you realise that the Theory of Evolution is man’s rather feeble attempt to explain how life came into being and people have to believe it. The reason they have to believe it is that if Evolution was proved to be false then man would have to believe in a creator God.

As long as we can explain creation away we can make God out to be a mythical creature.

The power of this age, the enemy, has a vested interest in making sure we believe in Evolution and NOT in God.

Which would you rather believe God’s account of creation or the account of some Scientists who were after all created by God as well?

Dinosaurs are wonderful in that when you can see the evidence for man interacting and living alongside Dinosaurs with evidence from all the generations of our existence this rather blows away the idea of creatures evolving over millions of years.

Evidence that Dinosaurs and Man Co-existed

We are taught from a very young age that Dinosaurs became extinct millions of years before man walked the earth. Yet there is so much eye witness and historical evidence from all over the Earth of people interacting with Dinosaurs from all periods of time.

Are all these accounts false or is there some other reason why we have been made to believe that man and Dinosaurs did not live together?

The interesting thing is that God rested on the seventh day and declared it holy hence this is where we get our day of rest or Sabbath.

Many people including many Christians try and fit the theory evolution in many different ways into the Bible or believe that each day was a long time period. There are so so many reasons why trying to fit man’s ideas into the creation account is just not right but just consider one for now. Why did God rest afterwards for one day? If you want to believe each day was millions of years long why would there be a seventh period of millions of years for God to rest? The simple fact that evening and morning is mentioned in relation to each day of the creation makes this even more clear - if the days are supposed to represent long periods of time there would be absolutely no reason to mention evening and morning.

Dinosaurs were created on Day 6 along with Man

God very clearly defines a Day, multiple times, in Genesis chapter 1 as a calendar day

The Bible goes to great lengths to show us that God created everything in six calendar days.

Genesis Ch 1 v 31 says after God had created all the animals and man:

“Then God looked over all He had made, and saw that it was very good!

And evening passed and morning came, marking the sixth day.”


Dinosaurs have become extinct like many of the world’s creatures but NOT millions of years ago as is taught

When you understand that all the animals including the Dinosaurs where made on Day 6 of creation it becomes obvious why there is so much witness evidence of man with Dinosaurs. Simply because it is true.

The word Dinosaur did not come into usage until the year 1842 hence legends of Dragons would most likely be really what we call Dinosaurs

The word Dinosaur only came into use and was introduced by Sir Richard Owen in 1842.
Prior to this encounters with Dinosaurs, Huge Serpents and Sea Monsters would most likely have been referred to as Dragons.

Tales and stories of Dragons have often become the thing of myth and legend. It is most likely that tales and legends of Dragons although faded by time where from actual siting's of Dinosaurs.

Evolution is NOT a fact only a Theory and one which is built on the most flaky of ideas and forms one of the biggest deceptions of all time

If Evolution was true fact there would be millions of examples of creatures transitioning from one type of creature to another. Since Darwin published his Theory of Evolution in 1859 there is still no tangible findings of creatures truly evolving into other creatures. So many of the proclaimed missing links have proved to be just man made hoaxes.

I put it to you that the Theory of Evolution is way past its sell by date!

Science is great and is not in contradiction with the Bible or creation however Science and all the Evolutionary Scientists cannot prove that evolution occurred. In fact the lack of evidence for evolution rather more proves it to be false.

The real question is Why then in this modern age are we being convinced that Evolution is Fact?

Past Sell By Date Long Ago

Science would prove the Bible correct if the world was going to be here for long enough

There is more evidence for the Bible’s authenticity than any other book ever.

The Bible is full of more accounts which it predicted would happen and which then occurred in History than any other book.

You can therefore be fairly well assured that the events of the past are described accurately.

Why would God fill His word full of accurate predictions which all came true but start His word off in Genesis with a fairy story of The Creation, Adam and Eve and Noah’s Flood.

There is no reason for God to give us a false account in fact it is impossible for God to give us a false account. If Evolution was true Genesis Chapter 1 would be a lot longer chapter!

Dinosaur or Dragon?