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Dinosaurs for Dummies?

A Biblical view of Dinosaurs and where they fit into God’s Creation.

Looking at answers to the question -

“What about the Dinosaurs?”

First of all who are the Dummies?

Well it would seem that anyone who believes in Creation or Dinosaurs living alongside man would likely be ridiculed for taking such a view.

On the other hand maybe they are NOT such Dummies after all!

This subject seems initially quite perplexing and as such causes much confusion over what we should be believing about Dinosaurs, Creation, Evolution and others aspects of the beginnings of life, the universe and everything!



Dinosaurs for Dummies is written for anyone who has struggled with questions like: -

What about the Dinosaurs?

Where do Dinosaurs fit into the whole scheme of things?  

What should we be believing about Dinosaurs?

What evidence is there to show Dinosaurs and man co-existed?

Key Thoughts to Consider

Evidence for Dinosaurs

There is so much evidence of Dinosaurs and Man co-existing some of which is gathered here on this website.

The evidence comes from many different centuries from Greek and Roman Historians, Explorers and Travellers, Scientists and Sea Captains as well as from The Bible.

These form only some of the evidence detailing man’s encounters with Dinosaurs.

The Evidence page introduces many historical witness accounts of Dinosaurs.

Why write about Dinosaurs?

There are many reasons for exploring all these ideas to read more please visit the Why page.

Contact Us

If you would like to Contact Us please use the information on the Contact page.

There is a vast amount of evidence which makes it clear that Dinosaurs and Man Co-existed

Dinosaurs were created on Day 6 along with Man

God very clearly defines a Day, multiple times, in Genesis 1 as a calendar day

Dinosaurs have become largely extinct like many of the world’s creatures but NOT millions of years ago as is taught. Even in recent years there have been witness accounts of some types.

The word Dinosaur did not come into usage until the year 1842 hence legends of Dragons would most likely be really what we call Dinosaurs

Evolution is NOT a fact only a Theory and one which is built on the most flaky of ideas and forms one of the biggest deceptions of all time

Science would prove the Bible correct if the world was going to be here for long enough

Why do you think These Theories are taught as absolute fact?

Which would you rather believe God’s account of creation or the account of Scientists who were after all created by God as well?

These Key Thoughts and Questions are explored in more detail on the Key Thoughts page.

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